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Name:Cora, of Beruna
Birthdate:Aug 9
Cora is one of those unfortunate dreamers who are hindered by logic—she wants with all of her heart to believe that fauns, dwarfs, and Talking Animals exist, but fears to hope in something not supported by any evidence she has encountered. She is from the novel Prince Caspian, and comes into the bar several months pre-book (or, more specifically, several months before Prince Caspian flees from King Miraz).

At a little town half-way to Beaversdam (note: from Beruna), where two rivers met, they came to another school, where a tired-looking girl was teaching arithmetic to a number of boys who looked very like pigs. She looked out of the window and saw the divine revelers singing up the street and a stab of joy went through her heart. Aslan stopped right under her window and looked up at her.
“Oh, don’t, don’t,” she said. “I’d love to. But I mustn’t. I must stick to my work. And the children would be frightened if they saw you.”
“Frightened?” said the most pig-like of the boys. “Who’s she talking to out of the window? Let’s tell the inspector she talks to people out of the window when she ought to be teaching us.”
Let’s go and see who it is,” said another boy, and they all came crowding around the window. But as soon as their mean little faces looked out, Bacchus gave a great cry of Euan, euoi-oi-oi-oi and the boys all began howling with fright and trampling one another down to get out of the door and jumping out of the windows. And it was said afterward (whether truly or not) that those particular little boys were never seen again, but that there were a lot of very fine little pigs in that part of the country which had never been there before.
“Now, Dear Heart,” said Aslan to the Mistress: and she jumped down and joined them.

-Prince Caspian

Cora is, overall, a fairly normal young woman in Telmarine-ruled Narnia. She is probably 21 (no, I'm not sure. >.<). Her dark hair is generally kept in a neat bun or braid. Thoughts will be in italics. She has an accent: if someone's not from Britain they'd probably categorize it as "British/vaguely european". If they were they'd go "wtf no". It's the bastard lovechild accent of British English and Greek given several thousand years to evolve into something of its own.

Cora is from The Chronicles of Narnia, and is the property of The C.S. Lewis Estate. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Note: While Cora's time runs basically parallel to Bar-time, if she's brought in on a weekend it's somehow a weekday at home (unless otherwise noted)--ignore the holes in the logic, please. XD
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